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How to Prevent Hearing Loss When Working on a Farm March 15, 2019

Kerrville, Kerr
How to Prevent Hearing Loss When Working on a Farm , Kerrville, Texas

Working on a farm can be rewarding, but it’s also a challenge. Fortunately, modern machinery makes farm work significantly easier and more efficient than it was in days past. But this equipment comes with drawbacks of its own, including loud noise. Over time, this can result in significant hearing loss. The guide below explores what you can do to protect your ears. 


Fix worn machine parts.

Worn machine parts can be unnecessarily noisy. Keep your machines well lubricated and repair or replace loose or worn elements to reduce friction and vibrations. Machine maintenance has the added benefit of reducing the risk of injuries.

hearing lossPut a barrier between you and the noise.

Isolate yourself from the noise if possible. When shopping for new tractors, loaders, and other equipment, choose vehicles with a closed cab. Also, install covers on engines to keep the noise down. 


Forget to wear hearing protection.

Always wear hearing protection in noisy settings, mainly when operating loud equipment. As a rule of thumb, any noise that causes your ears to ring or buzz is too loud to safely listen to for longer than a few seconds. Ear plugs are another excellent option, although these must be inserted properly to prevent hearing loss. Wear your gear around the house before taking it to work so you can get acquainted with it. 

Neglect to post signs.

Protect others as well as yourself by posting warning signs near noisy areas. Make a rule that anyone who enters the space or operates heavy machinery must wear protective gear and keep kids away unless supervised.


If you’re a Kerr County, TX, farmer or farm worker concerned about hearing loss, turn to Solbrig Hearing Center. Located in Kerrville, this local business has provided hearing aids and other devices for decades. They also provide hearing tests to determine if you could benefit from an assistive device. Call (830) 895-5900 to schedule an appointment or visit the website to learn more about their products and services. 

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