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5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Spring March 15, 2019

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Spring, Greece, New York

With spring just around the corner, ensuring your car is ready for the warm weather is a priority. There are a few auto repair steps to take to recover from winter weather and make sure every part of your vehicle is in working order. Below are a few ways to get ready for springtime.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

1. Check Your Tires

With salt, ice, and potholes on the road, winter weather can wreak havoc on your car’s tires. If treads look worn or damaged, replace them with a whole new set. Otherwise, have them rotated, and check your vehicle’s alignment so when you drive, your car is handling well. Vehicles with winter tires should be upgraded to all-season or summer tires that will handle better in high temperatures.

2. Look at the Brakes

Stop-and-go traffic on treacherous winter roads can wear down your braking system. As the snow subsides and the weather gets warmer, have your brakes inspected for excess wear and tear. Also, ask your auto repair expert to check brake fluid levels so you are safe all spring and summer.

3. Assess Fluids & Battery

Batteries drain easily in colder temperatures, so inspect this part and replace older or corroded components. Make sure all connections are clean and check that fluid levels are correct. Other fluids that are critical for your car include the oil, coolant, and wipers. All may be low after a rough cold season, which will interfere with your vehicle’s function.

4. Wash Your Car

auto repairIn addition to making your car look dirty, snow, salt, sand, and mud from winter weather driving lead to rusting and paint deterioration. Once the snow and ice are behind you, bring your car in for a good wash, and make sure every crevice, including the undercarriage, is cleansed.

5. Inspect Windshield Wipers

If you used your wipers a lot to brush away snow and sleet, the blades may be worn down. With spring rain on the way, you want a set of windshield wipers that will clear precipitation for safe driving. While you are getting necessary spring auto repairs, have your body shop swap out your old set for new ones.


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