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3 Steps to Take If Your Tree Is Struck by Lightning March 14, 2019

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3 Steps to Take If Your Tree Is Struck by Lightning, Crescent, Wisconsin

It’s not only people who can be struck by lightening during a storm. Trees are usually the most vulnerable parts of your yard because of their height, and lightening can damage their internal structure and cause them to collapse. If a tree in your yard has been struck, call tree services and take these 3 steps to ensure your home is safe.

What Should I Do If My Tree Is Hit By Lightening?

1. Assess the Scene

imageNever approach a tree that is leaning or has fallen down onto power lines. They may conduct electric shock, or unexpectedly collapse. If more than just a few branches have fallen down, there might be invisible internal damage to its structure, so contact a tree service to safely assess it.

2. Trim or Remove

Once you or an expert has assessed the damage suffered by your tree, you must decide whether to trim it or remove it completely to eliminate the danger to your property. If the trunk is split down the middle, the damage is irreversible and has killed the tree, so you must hire a tree service to remove it before it collapses. If only a portion of the tree is damaged, experts can trim the affected area so the rest of it can heal.

3. Prevent Future Incidents

To protect your trees from lightning, discuss possible lightning protection systems with a tree service. Professionals can install copper rods nearby to conduct lighting and safely discharge it into the ground, or trim away branches that might be attracting lightening during storms. If you have tall trees in your yard, contact an arborist to ensure that they aren’t in danger of getting struck and collapsing on your home.


If you need a tree service expert to inspect your trees in North-Central Wisconsin, turn to the licensed and insured professionals at TODD'S TIP TOP COMPLETE TREE SERVICE in Rhinelander, WI. With over 25 years of experience, they offer tree trimming, removal, and lot clearing services, as well as emergency tree services if the unexpected happens. Visit their website to learn about what they do, or call (715) 282-5858 for an inspection.

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