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Recognizing the Symptoms of a Cataract March 15, 2019

Downtown High Point, High Point
Recognizing the Symptoms of a Cataract, High Point, North Carolina

Cataracts, or the clouding of your eye’s natural lens, is the most common cause of vision loss and impacts over 24 million Americans. Fortunately, when addressed early on by a professional vision care center, cataracts can be treated with corrective eyewear or surgery. To protect your eye health, know the common symptoms that indicate the need to schedule an eye exam. 

4 Early Signs of Cataracts

1. Difficulty Seeing at Night

In the beginning stages of, protein in your eye’s lens will start to clump together. This results in difficulty seeing clearly at night when the lens is dim. Pay attention to your night vision, particularly when driving, and schedule an eye exam if differentiating figures and road signs becomes challenging. 

2. Light Sensitivity

cataractsAs cataracts develop, bright lights will become uncomfortable and very noticeable. Most patients find themselves squinting or closing their eyes when bright lights come on. Exposure to brightness can also trigger headaches.

3. Fuzzy Vision

The most prevalent sign of cataracts is a general change in your vision. Items in your sight line may start to appear cloudy or fuzzy. This condition will become increasingly problematic as the clouding worsens and may lead to vision loss. 

4. The Appearance of Halos Around Light

As proteins in the eye lens clump together and grow into cloudy cataracts, light will be diffracted as it passes through. The result of this interaction is the appearance of rings, halos, or glare when viewing bright lights. 


If you’re in the southeast Triad area and experiencing any of the symptoms noted above, schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Optics Eyewear to pinpoint the issue. Conveniently located in the heart of High Point, NC, this vision care center has specialized in prescription eyewear as well as diagnosing and treating cataracts for over 50 years. To schedule your appointment, call today at (336) 884-5677. To find out why this modern, friendly vision center was voted the best eyewear shop in the southeast Triad, visit their website

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