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How to Assess Your Trees Post-Winter March 15, 2019

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How to Assess Your Trees Post-Winter, Macedon, New York

Although many tree species are dormant in winter, fluctuating temperatures, the weight of heavy snow, and additional factors can still cause damage. Sticking to a tree care routine, such as pruning and mulching, will increase the odds the vegetation gets through the season unscathed. At the end of winter, you should take additional actions to ensure trees remain in good shape during spring and summer. To determine what maintenance steps you need to take, below are tips for assessing tree health after winter. 

Steps to Determine How Trees Fared During Winter 

1. Look for Broken Branches

tree careIf snow and ice accumulated on twigs and branches, the weight might have caused the limbs to snap. Once the powder and ice start to melt, inspect tree limbs for breaks. The wounds make the plants vulnerable to disease. If you see cause for concern, tree pruning will remove the damaged areas to trigger growth.   

2. Check Evergreen Needles & Leaves

Evergreens continue some of their primary functions during the winter months. The trees don’t lose leaves and needles, which means exposure to harsh conditions can cause winter burn. Wind, frigid temperatures, and heat from the sun dehydrate the tissue. Water freezes in the root system, which also dries out the plants. When assessing the condition of evergreens as part of your tree care to-do list, look for brown spots on leaves and needles. Remove the dead vegetation to make room for new growth. 

3. Inspect for Frost Cracks

Apart from leaves and branches, you should also check tree trunks for signs of distress. Freeze-thaw cycles can cause cracks to form in the bark. In many cases, the plant might be able to repair itself. You should still let a tree care specialist know so that they can keep an eye on the issue.


After a long Northeast winter, the tree care specialists at T & L Tree and Landscape in Macedon, NY, are prepared to put their decades’ worth of experience to work and perform the necessary services to restore the health of plants on your landscape. The will also provide emergency tree and stump removal to make your property safe again. To schedule a consultation in Wayne County, call (585) 223-3190. Visit the technicians online to see photos of their work.

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