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3 Factors to Consider for Your New Glass Shower Door April 5, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Factors to Consider for Your New Glass Shower Door, Rochester, New York

Whether you’re doing a new installation or remodeling your home, you can drastically change the look of your bathroom with the right shower. Think beyond a simple tub and shower curtain. There are a number of shower glass door styles that elevate the overall aesthetic and provide more functionality, but there are certain aspects you need to consider when installing a new shower.

3 Ways to Perfect Your New Shower Installation

1. Choose a Framing Style

Think about how you want to frame your shower glass door. There are a few options that will impact the overall design style of your new shower.

Frameless shower enclosures use a sturdy tempered glass that can stand without a supporting frame. It delivers a sleek, modern look that can accentuate your shower’s beautiful stonework or tile design. Semi-frameless glass shower doors, which are framed at the top and bottom for support, are a more budget-friendly alternative.

The least expensive option, however, is a fully framed shower. Even though they don’t cost as much as the alternatives, framed doors can still provide a clean look for your new shower.  

2. Pick an Opening Option

Shower Glass DoorsThere are three different opening styles you can choose for your door, but the best option will depend on your bathroom’s layout.

A sliding glass door is best when you have limited space as it doesn’t require any extra room to open and close. If you have a bigger bathroom, though, a pivoting door is ideal because it gives you a wider opening to get in and out of the shower. When you want the wider opening but don’t have room for a pivoting door, the bi-fold door is your best option.

3. Select a Finish

Going with a clear shower glass door highlights the craftsmanship of your stone or tiles, but it’s going to require more maintenance to keep it clean. Frosted or textured glass will give you more privacy and doesn’t need to be cleaned as often to maintain its high-quality look.


If you have questions about which shower glass door style is best for your home, reach out to the experts at Genesee Glass & Mirror in Rochester, NY. They specialize in everything glass related, including window replacements, glass and window repair, and mirror replacement, and they will work with you to find the best solution for your shower needs. Get your free quote by calling (585) 621-3580 or visit them online.
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