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What Type of Fireplace Is Best for You? March 14, 2019

Buffalo, Wright
What Type of Fireplace Is Best for You?, Buffalo, Minnesota

Fireplaces create ambiance, contribute to warm, and are frequently on homebuyers’ wish lists. If a fireplace is part of your home remodeling plans, you have three main types to select from: wood-burning, gas, and electric. Make the right decision for your home by learning a little about each.

Wood-Burning, Gas, & Electric Fireplaces: What Is Right for My Home?

1. Electric

Easy to install and available in a variety of styles, electric fireplaces do not feature real flames and therefore do not create soot or ash. They provide the appearance of a wood-burning fire and often function as TV stands in addition to use in traditional fireplace inserts. Electric versions also accommodate small spaces; however, they shut off along with the rest of the electricity during an outage. Additionally, if you crave the look of real burning wood, an electric fireplace is not for you. Keep in mind there is no heat loss with electric fireplaces, unlike standard chimneys, making them an energy-efficient, cost-effective heat source.

2. Gas

fireplacesLike electric fireplaces, gas models offer easy maintenance from a lack of ash and soot, and cost little to install and operate. They provide real fire with the turn of a knob for immediate warmth. Gas fireplaces also burn cleaner than wood options to produce fewer harmful emissions.  If your home does not feature a gas line, this fireplace option will cost more to install; however, it loses less heat than a wood-burning fireplace.

3. Wood-Burning

The crackle and scent of a wood-burning fireplace keeps this option in demand. It contributes to a rustic, old world look and feel despite losing heat through the chimney. Wood-burning fireplaces are also the most maintenance-heavy, not only because of ash and soot, but because of creosote, the tar byproduct that clogs and ignites chimneys without routine cleaning. They also require you to purchase seasoned wood periodically. Keep these wood piles away from your home to discourage termites. Wood-burning fireplaces still provide the most ambiance and offer a source of light and heat when the electricity goes out.


No matter which fireplace is right for your home, count on the experts at Fireplace Creations, LLC to install it with the professionalism and attention to detail that has kept the company in business for over 20 years. Based in Buffalo, MA, this family-owned company offers competitive pricing and long-lasting designs. Call (763) 682-4262 today to schedule a free consultation or review products online. Like their Facebook page for more tips and ideas.