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3 Reasons Rehabilitation Is Essential for Seniors March 18, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Reasons Rehabilitation Is Essential for Seniors, Cincinnati, Ohio

A fall, injury, or illness can be devastating for an older person's health and independence. Fortunately, rehabilitation services give a senior the treatment and support they need to stabilize and recover. Below are a few reasons to consider inpatient rehab and the benefits that professional care provides.

How Rehabilitation Helps Seniors

1. Regain Independence

If the ultimate goal is for a senior to return home, rehabilitation is the fastest route to get there. Therapists aim to enhance and improve each patient's functional abilities, so they can return to their normal lives as much as possible. Neither seniors nor their loved ones need to worry that they will be unprepared to meet the demands of daily living. Patients receive full training, care, and support until they feel entirely ready to return home.

2. Receive Therapy Customized to the Patient's Needs

rehabilitationRehab centers are equipped to handle the specific needs of their patients. Physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists are just a few of the professionals available to work with patients in a rehab setting. From building physical strength and stability to relearning communication skills and self-care routines, targeted therapies address the precise issues patients confront.

3. Have Emotional Support During a Challenging Time

Living alone can be a solitary existence regardless of your age, and if you have a life-limiting health challenge, living alone can feel isolating and lonely. In a rehab environment, patients are surrounded by like-minded folks who are all proactively working toward recovery. There is encouragement from compassionate care providers and a community atmosphere among patients, both of which offer substantial emotional support.


These are just a few reasons why rehab is crucial to a senior's health and stability. Mount Washington Care Center offers rehabilitation services to seniors throughout the Cincinnati, OH, region. They also provide skilled nursing and long-term care options. Learn more about their facility and services on their website. To schedule a tour, call (513) 231-4561 today.

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