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5 Fun Spring Dining Ideas March 14, 2019

Newtown, Newtown
5 Fun Spring Dining Ideas, Newtown, Ohio

Spring is almost here, and with it is a variety of warm weather activities perfect for the whole family. Picnics are ideal outdoor dining alternatives that allow you to enjoy your favorite people, beautiful surroundings, and fantastic food. Use these fun picnic ideas to inspire your spring dining activities; and make the food part easy by working with your local catering restaurant.

Top 5 Outdoor Spring Dining Ideas

1. Riverfront Park

Set up in a park facing a local river and watch the water rush as you and your family dine a la carte. Riverfront parks frequently feature gorgeous views of bridges and city skylines as well as walking trails. Depending on which park you select, fishing and rafting opportunities may be available. 

2. Museum or Music Hall

catering restaurantPick up food from your local catering restaurant for a picnic in front of a majestic museum or music hall. Nosh with friends and family so you stay satiated while you walk around the museum or take in a musical performance. Even if you do not decide to visit the hall or museum that day, you are dining near stunning architecture and gardens.

3. Historical Landmark

Plan your visit to a historic landmark around a picnic. While not all historical landmarks include grounds for eating, reading, and enjoying the surroundings, just as many do—and encourage people to spend as much time as they like. Find landmarks near you, including those that are part of the National Park System, for a bit of history with your lunch.

4. Nature Preserve

Celebrate the natural world’s pristine beauty at a nearby nature preserve. Bring delectable dishes from your favorite catering restaurant as you and your family or friends immerse yourselves in the wilderness. If you plan to hike, remember to chew your food slowly so you don’t get indigestion on the trail.

5. Sports Park

Burn calories at the local sports park before settling down for an outdoor meal. Find a park with something for everyone on your invite list, such as basketball and tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and cross-training equipment.

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