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3 Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades for Couples March 15, 2019

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3 Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades for Couples, Wawayanda, New York

Sharing a home with a romantic partner has many benefits. You have someone to share meals with, and you can split many of the costs. Unfortunately, if you have limited space, it can also pose some issues, especially if you don’t know how to work around them. However, bathroom remodeling can make the room usable for two people at the same time. Here are some upgrades to consider. 

What to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project as a Couple

1. Double Vanities

Chances are, you and your partner start the day around the same time, and it’s not always feasible to wait on each other to finish using the sink. Avoid feeling rushed or wasting precious minutes of your morning by making the switch to double vanities. You will each be able to brush your teeth in front of the mirror without getting in the other’s way. Choose floating vanities to create the illusion of more space

2. Individual Storage Space

bathroom remodelingProper bathroom storage is essential for keeping the room neat and organized. However, if you don’t like digging through your partner’s care products to reach your own, install new shelves or drawers. This allows you each to quickly find your items and organize in a way that meets both of your sensibilities. Also, install magnetic organizers on your wall to create extra space. 

3. Enclosed Toilet

Having some privacy in a relationship is crucial for many couples, especially when performing bodily functions. If you only have one bathroom, it can get dicey when you both need access to the space. An enclosed toilet area allows one person to do their business in peace while the other showers or takes care of other tasks. If you don’t want to create a completely separate room, add a barrier between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom.


Your bathroom, like the rest of your home, should work for you. If your space is currently making you and your partner bump heads, contact Hudson Valley Kitchen Design to discuss bathroom remodeling options. This family-owned company has provided bathroom and kitchen design services to Orange County, NY, for over 30 years. Their home remodeling contractors use the highest-quality materials available. Stop by their design showroom today, or call them at (845) 615-9410 to discuss your project. To see some of their work, check out their website

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