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How to Design a Modern Kitchen March 15, 2019

Springhill, Norwalk
How to Design a Modern Kitchen, Norwalk, Connecticut

If you’re hoping to create a modern kitchen design theme, you may be overwhelmed by the number of styles available. Should you opt for simple minimalism? What about a room inspired by the sleek innovations of mid-century modern visionaries like Eames or Le Corbusier? Use the guide below to understand how you can recreate one of these looks.

A Primer on Modern Kitchen Decor 

How Modern & Minimalist Kitchens Differ

To communicate clearly with your contractor about your desires, you’ll need to know what the above design terms mean. Modern design preceded minimalist and contemporary designs. It generally refers to furniture or interiors that mimic famous pieces created by artists and designers in the 1950s. This style emphasizes flat, clean surfaces and bold and cohesive room themes with few knickknacks. Minimalism is a design philosophy that seeks to focus only on essential functional objects. Like modernism, it seeks to cut back on clutter, but relies less on striking geometry and more on simplicity, light, texture, and spaciousness. 

What Materials Are Used in Modern Kitchen Design

kitchen designWhereas traditional kitchen designs are centered around natural materials, modern style often features manmade materials like vinyl, chrome, and fiberglass. Minimalist varieties can include both materials, combining hardwood floors, granite and marble countertops, and wooden furniture with steel appliances. The point is picking patterns and features that provide the same clean, angular lines and simple decor. You typically won’t find filigrees, fleur de lis flourishes, richly paneled cabinet doors, or ornate crown molding in modern or minimalist kitchens. 

How to Incorporate Appliances & Accessories 

The beauty of both modern and minimalist kitchen design lies in accessibility and functionality. Add custom storage solutions within the cabinets and drawers to house all needed features and maximize counter space. Choose straight pulls or smooth knobs for cabinet or drawer hardware, or skip these altogether by opting for sliding or push-to-open doors instead. Stainless-steel, commercial-grade appliances often work best in this format. Their glossy sheen can be balanced out with lusterless cabinetry, textured tile backsplashes, or a contrasting countertop. You can also hide refrigerators behind smooth paneling to match your cabinets. To minimize visual distractions, light fixtures may be installed underneath cabinets rather than hung from the ceiling. Talk to your contractor for additional ideas to create a stylish and streamlined space.


The best way to bring modern design into your kitchen is to work with experienced designers. The award-winning designers at Front Row Kitchens have been remodeling kitchens in Norwalk, CT, since 1985. This family-owned business hires the most qualified staff and uses only the highest-quality materials in all their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Stop by their showroom today or call (203) 514-7526 to speak with one of their remodeling contractors about your kitchen design goals. For more information about their services, visit their website.

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