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What Are the Best Phone & Tablet Apps for Parents? March 20, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
What Are the Best Phone & Tablet Apps for Parents?, St. Petersburg, Florida

As a parent, you’re constantly looking for new ways to maximize efficiency in your daily routine. In many cases, technology can pave the way for easier tasks and more time with your loved ones. If you’re looking for ways to tackle daily responsibilities while scrolling through a refurbished iPhone® or iPad®, check out the following family-friendly apps.

3 Phone & Tablet Apps for Parents

1. iHomeopathy

Children are far more prone to minor injuries when they’re just finding their way around the world, whether they are crawling or sprinting around the backyard. When something’s wrong but not serious enough for a trip to the doctor, it helps to have a resource in your back pocket. The iHomeopathy app is excellent for parents looking for quick, at-home remedies for allergic reactions, bruises, and insect bites—right on their phone or tablet. It organizes information by ailment, so you can find the right solution based on your child’s symptoms.

2. iFood Assistant

refurbished iphoneMeals are one of the most important ways to bond with your loved ones—whether it’s around the dining room table or in the packed lunch your child enjoys in their school cafeteria. With the iFood Assistant app and their “recipe of the day” feature, you can spend less time finding affordable, time-efficient dishes and more time sharing them with your children.

3. HomeBudget

When you’re juggling picking the kids up from school or meeting deadlines at work, managing your household finances can be a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to reserve time to sit down at the computer after the kids are asleep. With HomeBudget, you can analyze your family’s cash flow and expenses right from your refurbished iPad or iPhone—tracking bills, credit card payments, and even daily stock prices.


If you’re interested in making the most of your refurbished iPhone or iPad, the experts at Experimax St. Petersburg in Pinellas County, FL, are happy to recommend other apps and programs for your lifestyle. If your screen cracks during a busy day with the kids, you can stop by their store for quick repairs and lasting results. To learn more about their services, including the sale of refurbished iPhone devices, call (727) 289-3367 today. You can also visit their website to browse their inventory.