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3 Reasons to Seal Your Driveway March 14, 2019

Second Ward, Charlotte
3 Reasons to Seal Your Driveway, Charlotte, North Carolina

Driveways crack and become discolored over time. Regardless of whether they are residential or commercial, stained and cracked driveways are unsightly and can cause personal injury and damage to your vehicle. Luckily, seal coating can fix the problems quickly. This process involves the use of emulsion-type products applied over concrete, asphalt, brick and other paved surfaces. Here's a rundown of other benefits it brings.

3 Benefits of Sealing & Protecting Driveways

1. Prevents Fading

drivewaysSeal coating keeps your driveway looking good, protecting it from fading caused by the sun’s rays. You can tell sealed driveways from untreated ones because the former will have a glossy sheen and a richer color. Sealers come in a variety of finishes, from no-gloss to high-gloss. You can also make your driveway safer to walk on for people who visit your home or business by applying a slip-resistant sealer.

2. Protects Against Stains

Driveways are exposed to numerous stains-causing agents like dirt, fertilizer, oil, pet urine, and tire tracks. Sealing your driveway will keep them from penetrating through the asphalt or concrete surface and stop them from leaving unsightly stains. Driveways that are smooth and clean in appearance give your home more curb appeal and add to its value.

3. Reduces Freeze-Thaw Damage

Sealing your driveway will protect it from freeze-thaw damage. This problem occurs when water penetrates the surface of the pavement and expands it as it freezes, resulting in cracks and flaking. Left unaddressed cracks can spread fast, which are not only hazardous but also expensive to fix or resurface. For less than what it would cost in repairs, seal coating the driveway once every two to three years is enough you keep cracks away.


Protect the structural integrity of your driveway, let Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co. seal it for you. Located in Harrisburg, NC, this family-owned company has been paving driveways and sealing cracks in the North Carolina area since 1979. They specialize in asphalt patching, seal coating, and paving parking lots. Check out their website or call (704) 786-7787 to request for a free estimate.

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