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How to Protect Your Smile When You’re Expecting March 18, 2019

How to Protect Your Smile When You’re Expecting, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Everyone should engage in proper teeth cleaning, but it’s especially important for women who are expecting. When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a series of changes that can impact your oral health. For example, changing hormonal activity may cause you to develop more plaque, and in turn, increase your risk of gingivitis. Extra demands on your immune system may also leave you more vulnerable to cavities and oral infections.  To help you protect your smile throughout pregnancy, here are five essential oral health tips to keep in mind.

5 Oral Health Tips for Pregnant Women

1. Fine-Tune Your Teeth Cleaning Practices  

To stay ahead of cavities and gingivitis, brush at least twice a day for two-minute periods. Be sure to cover all surfaces of every tooth, including the gum line. Secondly, floss at least once a day to remove plaque and food debris between every tooth. Afterward, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to help eliminate any remaining cavity-causing bacteria.

2. Rinse After Getting Sick

While morning sickness is only a temporary part of pregnancy, it can be harmful to your teeth since it exposes your mouth to stomach acids. These acids can wear away at teeth and increase your cavity risk. As such, you should rinse your mouth with water any time you vomit. Next, wait 30 minutes and then brush your teeth for a complete clean. Brushing too soon will only rub the harmful acid over the surface of the teeth. 

3. Stay Smart About Cravings

teeth cleaningSweet treats and carbohydrate-rich breads contain sugars that stimulate destructive oral bacteria. To reduce cavity and gum disease risks, try to choose healthier snacks when pregnancy cravings strike. If you do opt for sugary items, consume them with other foods and rinse your mouth with a glass of water after your snack.

4. Eat More Calcium

As a mineral that helps build strong teeth and bones, calcium is an extremely important nutrient. However, when you’re pregnant, much of your calcium intake will be used to support your growing baby. To keep your teeth healthy, you may need to up your calcium levels by eating more dairy and fresh produce. However, check with your doctor before making any significant dietary changes. 

5. Visit Your Dentist

In addition to routine obstetrician visits, you’ll want to keep up with regular oral exams as provided by your dentist. During these check-ups, your provider can spot and treat oral health issues early on. Through this preventive care, you will keep your mouth — and the rest of your body —  healthy, helping support a successful pregnancy.


If you’re expecting, Cabarrus Health Alliance is here to provide comprehensive dental health services that will keep your mouth in shape throughout your entire pregnancy. With two clinics based in Concord and Kannapolis, NC, this affordable dentist makes routine oral exams and teeth cleanings incredibly convenient. Taking a gentle approach, these professionals will also adjust care as needed to ensure you remain comfortable whenever treatment is needed. For more details on their services, including a mobile dental clinic, visit the practice online. To schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning, call today at (704) 920-1070.

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