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4 Ways a Tailor Can Refurbish a Wedding Dress March 15, 2019

New York, New York
4 Ways a Tailor Can Refurbish a Wedding Dress , New York, New York

Recycling an old wedding dress is a wonderful way to keep a family tradition alive while honoring the women who helped you become the person you are today. But wedding dresses aren’t one size fits all. If your antique dress isn’t your size or style, here is how a custom tailor can modernize it. 

How a Tailor Can Modernize a Wedding Dress 

1. Change the Neckline

Although high necklines can be elegant and sophisticated, they can also look outdated. If your heirloom dress has a high neckline, a tailor can change it to a more modern style. Some are easier to achieve than others, such as changing a Queen Anne to a sweetheart or jewel to one-shoulder. Your custom tailor can suggest which will suit you best. 

2. Redo Button Work or Beading 

custom tailorMany antique wedding dresses have extravagant button work. These tiny buttons may fall off and look worn over the years. A tailor can re-patch missing buttons or remove button work if it’s not your style. Similarly, they can replace any beads or sequins which may have fallen off. 

3. Customize the Fit

Dress sizes have changed significantly over the decades, and many antique items aren’t the right size for the average modern woman. Fortunately, this is something your custom tailor can fix by adding fabric to take it out or reducing excess fabric to fit a smaller frame. 

4. Modernize It

Some old wedding dresses have a distinct style that reflects the decade it belongs to. However, others have characteristics that may not be so appealing, such as oversized shoulder pads or yards-long veils. A skilled custom tailor can fix any of these aspects to modernize your dress and make it your own. 



If you’re a Manhattan bride-to-be, turn to Wo’s Custom Tailoring for dress alterations for your big day. These trusted custom tailors have been the area’s go-to experts for over 40 years, providing a range of services from wedding dress alterations to suit fittings. Call (212) 988-9889 to schedule an appointment or visit the website to learn more. 

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