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3 Tips for New Scuba Divers March 15, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Tips for New Scuba Divers , Honolulu, Hawaii

Scuba diving is a chance to see the beauty of aquatic life and get up-close to breathtaking creatures. But if you’ve never been scuba diving, the process might seem intimidating. While it’s common to feel some apprehension about this new activity, you can overcome it with preparation and the right mindset. Here are a few tips to help prepare you for a fantastic, underwater sightseeing adventure.

3 Helpful Pointers for the Scuba Beginner

1. Bring a Friend

Learning how to scuba dive is more enjoyable if you’re doing it with a friend or loved one. Not only is it enjoyable to learn something new with someone you’re close to, but you’ll also feel more comfortable working alongside someone at your skill level. Once you’re both familiar with diving, you can dive together and watch out for each other.

2. Don’t Tackle Too Much

sightseeingYou might feel like your sightseeing isn’t complete unless you can document it with an underwater camera. When you’re a beginner, though, you should focus on the basics. Once you’re fully adept at monitoring your oxygen, swimming correctly, and watching your surroundings, you can introduce other elements into the equation. Until then, emphasizing the foundations will keep you safe.

3. Give Yourself Room for Error

Before you dive for solo sightseeing, you’ll work with an instructor who’ll ensure you know everything you need for a safe experience. If you forget hand signals or have difficulty breathing, don’t feel embarrassed; you’re diving into a whole new world of sensations, and it can be overwhelming. Mistakes are common during the learning phase and being humble will help you achieve proficiency quicker.


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