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3 Common Recreational Marijuana Myths April 2, 2019

Airway Heights, Spokane
3 Common Recreational Marijuana Myths, Airway Heights, Washington

There are many persistent myths regarding recreational marijuana, some of which damage its public image. Don’t let these misconceptions keep you from visiting your local marijuana dispensary and trying it yourself. Here’s what you should know about this mostly harmless and even helpful herb. 

Busting Myths About Recreational Marijuana

1. It Makes You Lazy

A popular misconception about recreational marijuana is that it makes you unproductive and inactive. In reality, it depends on what variety of marijuana you’re ingesting. There are three categories of this herb: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Indica strains will give you the hyper-relaxed, couch-locked body high that people think of when discussing this misconception. Sativas offer more stimulating, alert, energetic highs that encourage creativity and productivity. Hybrids are strains that deliver qualities of both. While you shouldn’t partake before operating heavy machinery or heading to work, full sativa strains or sativa-dominant hybrids won’t weigh you down. 

2. You Have to Smoke It

recreational marijuanaThere are numerous products available to feel the effects of marijuana without smoking it. A quality marijuana dispensary will have products like lotions, tinctures, and lip balms for topical applications. Vaping is also a viable option. While similar to smoking, it tends to be easier on the lungs. Edibles are also popular methods of consumption, and they’re available in many favorite treats, including lollipops, brownies, chocolate, gummies, and ice cream. 

3. You Never Know What You’re Getting

Everything you need to know about the product you’re buying will be listed on its label. Details like the brand, strain name, and type are often prominent on the packaging. The item’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) contents will be expressed in percentages, with 20 to 30% THC being common for bud and 60% or higher common for concentrates. Most strains are low in CBD (less than 5%), unless they’re specifically bred and labeled as CBD-heavy strains for therapeutic purposes. Other ingredients, solvents, pesticides, or trace materials will be listed on the label, too. Products are also tested for safety and purity, with the testing agency listed on the packaging.


If you’re ready to try it for yourself, Toker Friendly in Spokane, WA, has a vast inventory of quality recreational marijuana products. From edibles to concentrates, their certified bud tenders will help you choose the strain and product that will provide your ideal experience. Serving Airway Heights and Spokane County, this dispensary also offers medical marijuana for patients. Boasting a private location and knowledgeable staff, they offer attentive and friendly service. Learn more about their recreational and medical marijuana offers online, and call (509) 244-8728 for specific strain information.

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