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5 Tips for Attending Trade School With a Disability March 14, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
5 Tips for Attending Trade School With a Disability, Queens, New York

A disability should not stop you from applying to a trade school and learning the necessary skills for a successful career. But before applying to technical schools, it is a good idea to understand the application process and what you need to know if you have a disability. Below are a few tips to get started.

What to Know When Attending Trade School With a Disability

1. Have an IEP

An individualized education plan (IEP) is a document usually established in high school that lays out specific needs like accommodations and resources for each student. Educators, professionals, and family work together to craft IEPs so that disabilities are clearly explained and that each student has exactly what they need to be successful.

2. Meet With a Counselor

Before applying to a trade school, sit down with a counselor in both your high school and potential technical schools so they can assess which professions suit you best. Any limitations are evaluated and potential career paths are offered that fit for your situation. If the trade school offers an aptitude test, take that as well so scores can help narrow down the right route. Be as honest as possible in both meetings and tests.

3. Assess Accommodations

Make sure potential trade schools have the right accommodations for housing and classrooms for your disability such as ramps and elevators. Also inquire about technological aids that help with learning like writing assistants, sign language aids, extra time for exams, and flexible class schedules to customize your day based on your health and stamina.

4. Ask About Teacher Training

trade school Always find out if the trade school’s staff is well versed in a variety of students and learning styles. Ask if they have been trained to accommodate and instruct students with disabilities and that their classrooms are equipped with the necessary tools to make every pupil comfortable. Since students will spend most of their time under the guidance of a teacher, their relationship with them is essential.

5. Plan for Graduation

The school should have a plan in place for all students once they graduate, but understanding job placement and counseling for those with a disability is critical. Find out how to connect to apprenticeships and how other post-graduate paths are established for each student.


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