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Don't Forget to Review Your Will After These 5 Life Events March 18, 2019

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Don't Forget to Review Your Will After These 5 Life Events, Chardon, Ohio

Because there are no guarantees in life, it’s never too early to write a will. Since your circumstances will inevitably change over time, though, it’s essential to review your estate planning and probate documents periodically. Here are a few major life events that may warrant changes to your will.

Review Estate Plans After These 5 Changes in Circumstances 

1. Getting Married

If you made any estate plans before tying the knot, it’s critical to review them after so you can make the necessary modifications. In some states, for example, getting married voids a will, so it may be necessary to draft an entirely new one.

2. Having Children 

With the arrival of every new family member, update your will, so it includes what the baby is entitled to upon your passing. This applies after both having and adopting children. You may also want to modify your will after gaining nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.

3. Getting Divorced

The state of Ohio will revoke your will upon finalizing a divorce. If something happens before you create a new one, the court will determine who gets what based on the laws of intestate succession. 

4. Starting a Business

estate planning and probateIf you start a company, protect your family’s financial security—and your life’s work—in all eventualities by creating a business succession plan. Although the plan will be its own entity, doing so will likely call for modifications to your will.  

5. Acquiring Real Estate

If you buy or inherit property—or any other significant asset—add it to the estate planning and probate documents right away. This will ensure the asset remains in the family. 


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