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5 Tips to Pass Your Road Test March 15, 2019

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5 Tips to Pass Your Road Test, Perinton, New York

Even with hours of behind-the-wheel training under your belt, it’s natural to feel anxious when it comes time to take a road test. Remaining calm will help you stay focused, ensuring you abide by traffic laws and speed limits to earn your driver’s license. Keeping the below points in mind will also increase your odds of passing the test.  

5 Tips for Acing a Road Test 

1. Use a Car You’re Comfortable Driving

During the road test, use a car you’ve driven before. This way, you’ll be familiar with how the vehicle handles, which will make you more comfortable and help set anxious feelings aside. You should also know where windshield wipers, lights, and other controls are located and how to use each. This will leave you better prepared to respond quickly to any changes in road conditions.

2. Adjust Mirrors Before the Test Starts

As soon as you get in the car, adjust the rear-view and side mirrors before the test begins. You could lose focus when making adjustments once the test is underway. By taking eyes off the road to manipulate mirrors, you could also miss important signs or run lights, increasing the likelihood of failing the test.   

3. Pay Attention to School Zones

Vigilance is a critical component of being a good driver. During the road test, remember to pay attention to your surroundings. When driving through a school zone, for example, watch out for kids crossing the streets and follow traffic instructions given by crossing guards. 

4. Use Proper Hand Placement on Wheel

Fairport-Greece-Rochester-New-York-road-testTo maintain control of the vehicle, hands should be gripped on the steering wheel at just above nine and three positions at all times. Driving with one hand or fingertips increases the risk of accidents. You could lose points on the road test as a result.

5. Focus on Your Speed 

Due to nerves, you might press a little harder on the gas pedal than intended. Failing to adhere to speed limits will impact your score, so glance at the speedometer to make sure you maintain the correct speed throughout the test. Look for speed limit signs on the road and adjust your driving accordingly.  


If you need expert training to pass your road test to get a New York State driver’s license, contact the instructors at Morgan School of Driving. The professionals are committed to helping residents in Monroe County become safe, responsible motorists. To sign up for driving lessons in Fairport, call (585) 425-2410, connect with the Rochester branch at (585) 288-6290, or dial (585) 227-9010 to reach the Greece location. Representatives are available to answer questions. Visit the driving school online to read testimonials from former students. 

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