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3 Reasons to Always Wear a Mouthguard While Playing Sports March 14, 2019

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3 Reasons to Always Wear a Mouthguard While Playing Sports, Kimberling City, Missouri

Caring for your teeth requires more than just brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly. In fact, many of the choices you make on a daily basis can influence your oral health, from what you eat to how you keep your teeth protected. In particular, athletes who play team sports are at risk for certain dental issues. Luckily, these are largely preventable with mouthguards. Here are a few reasons sports players of all ages should wear one at each game and practice.

3 Important Reasons Athletes Should Wear Mouthguards

1. Protect Against Tooth Damage & Loss

Mouthguards act as an additional protective layer for the teeth, cushioning them in the event of a fall or impact with another player or sporting equipment. Thus, mouth protection minimizes the risk of tooth damage, such as chips or fractures, as well as tooth loss. While dentists have the technology to replace permanent teeth, mouthguards are a simple and effective preventive measure to help avoid extra dental work.

2. Safeguard the Jaw & Soft Tissue

dentistWhile mouthguards are commonly recommended by dentists to protect the teeth, they actually protect the jaw, too. Facial trauma sustained during sports can result in serious jaw injuries, but wearing a mouthguard may help decrease the risk of dislocating or otherwise injuring this area. A serious impact could even cause athletes to bite down on the tongue or lips, but a mouthguard acts as a barrier to protect the soft tissue.

3. Reduce the Risk of Concussions

The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that mouthguards may reduce the rate of concussions. This is especially important in contact sports, including lacrosse, hockey, football, and boxing. Even if a concussion is sustained, the ADA also posits that a mouthguard could help reduce the severity of the condition.


If you or your children participate in sports and are seeking effective ways to maintain healthy teeth, contact Kimberling City Dental Center in Stone County, MO. This dentist’s office is committed to providing individualized preventive care to help patients maintain a healthy smile at all stages of life. Explore the practice’s list of services on their website, or call (417) 739-4965 to schedule an appointment.

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