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5 Golfing Etiquette Tips March 14, 2019

Waikane, Honolulu
5 Golfing Etiquette Tips, Waikane, Hawaii

Whether you’re new to golf or an experienced player, you should practice proper etiquette. Not only does it show appreciation for the sport, but it is also respectful to fellow players. Before you go out for your next round, keep these tips in mind.

A Basic Guide to Golf Etiquette

1. Turn Off Your Phone

While it’s fine to keep your phone in your pocket for emergencies, it’s always best to leave it on silent when you’re on the golf course. An incoming call or text alert can distract you and your fellow players. You might also be tempted to answer a message if you hear it go off, which can slow down play considerably.

2. Keep Your Voice Down

The beauty of golf is how calming it is. Many people play for relaxation and to avoid the chaos of everyday life. Respect this by keeping your volume down during and in between shots. Always apologize if you do create an accidental disturbance.

3. Warn Your Fellow Golfers

Kaneohe, HI golfThere’s always a chance you may hit a shot toward other players. Do your part to warn them by yelling, “Fore!” This gives them a chance to react quickly. If someone yells it in your vicinity, duck and cover your face.

4. Keep Up the Pace

Spending hours in the sunshine working your way through an 18-hole course is relaxing, but you might be slowing down the pace for others if you take too long in between shots. Prepare for your shot in advance and try not to linger after you hit. You want to keep up with the players ahead of you.

5. Be a Good Sport

Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of golf, long considered a gentleman’s game. Take pride in your conduct both on and off the course. Arrive on time, introduce yourself to fellow players, and be congenial in determining who will play first in the group. After completing play, shake hands with your partners. If you have a caddie, provide a tip for a job well done!


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