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Why You Should Treat the Family to Rolled Ice Cream March 13, 2019

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
Why You Should Treat the Family to Rolled Ice Cream, Ewa, Hawaii

Ice cream has always been a popular summer treat, providing temporary relief and offering a variety of unique flavors. Now, the trendy way to enjoy it is with rolled ice cream. The entertaining and customizable process keeps customers coming back for more and guarantees a memorable outing for the entire family.

How Is Rolled Ice Cream Made?

It all starts with a frozen steel surface. The ice cream maker pours a sweetened cream mixture onto the surface and scrapes it around with a pair of metal spatulas. This introduces air to the process and ensures the ice cream develops a light texture. As the mixture begins to harden, the customer’s choice of additions like fruit, candy, and cookies are sprinkled on top and chopped into bits, allowing their flavors to spread evenly throughout the dessert.

ice creamThe ice cream maker then smooths the blend of ingredients flat. Starting at one side, they scrape the frozen cream so it rolls in on itself, ending up with three to four rolls, which are then placed in a cup and decorated with more toppings.

You Can Treat the Entire Family!

Rolled ice cream is a sweet treat that everyone in the family will enjoy. Make it extra special by offering it as a reward for a job well done. Whether your kids are earning good grades in school or completing their chores, going out to celebrate will encourage your little ones to continue doing their best. Plus, they’ll get a kick out of watching their ice cream come together in front of their eyes.


Bring your family to Blue Bubble Creamery in Mililani, HI, to sample rolled ice cream. They offer an assortment of frozen treats on their extensive menu as well as milkshakes and boba tea. The kids will love their rolled ice cream flavors like the Cookie Monster and Cott-on Cloud-9. Call (808) 200-1036 to learn more about their selection.