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3 Ways to Prepare Your Infant for Day Care March 15, 2019

Rosedale, Queens
3 Ways to Prepare Your Infant for Day Care, Queens, New York

Dropping your infant off at the day care center for the first time is never easy. At that age, you can’t simply explain to them you’ll be back or reason with them why they can’t go with you. Getting ready for your infant’s first day of day care is just as much about preparing yourself as it is about preparing your child. Here are a few ways to help you both get ready for the big day. 

Preparing for Your Infant’s First Day of Day Care

1. Practice Goodbyes

The first day of day care will be more difficult if it’s your baby’s first time away from you. Before that day arrives, have a friend or relative watch your child for an hour or so a day. Limit these times away to only about an hour at a time. This is an opportunity to practice your goodbyes. Say your farewells to your baby before leaving so they don’t feel undue stress when they notice you suddenly aren’t there.

Start getting your baby accustomed to brief goodbyes, as you may not always have time for longer ones on busy mornings. Give them love, reassurance, and most importantly, sincerity. Your baby may not understand your words, but they do understand emotion. 

2. Familiarize Them With the Day Care First 

Day Care CenterCall the day care center to see about scheduling a visit for a couple of hours in the weeks before the first day. This gives your child a chance to become accustomed to the environment and the people who will be caring for them. This can be a comfort to both you and your child, as you will get to watch the caregivers interact with your baby before leaving them in their care.

3. Take a Week to Transition 

Talk to the day care center about a transition week before the first day. A transition week helps your baby to gradually ease into the process by going part-time and incrementally adding hours each day. Your day care may already have a transition week established. Some day care centers may also suggest starting midweek to avoid a full week right out the gate.


If you live near Rosedale or Queens, NY, and are looking for a trusted and respected day care center for your infant, Lov-In Hands Daycare is the answer. With over 22 years of experience, the warm and friendly staff work diligently to create a fun and caring environment for your child. Like them on Facebook for more information or call them at (718) 723-0324.

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