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What to Do When There's a Skunk on Your Property March 18, 2019

North Hobbs, Lea
What to Do When There's a Skunk on Your Property, North Hobbs, New Mexico

Even if you’ve never seen a skunk in real life before, it’s hard to mistake their distinctive black and white pelt. In some cases, they may take up residence underneath people’s porches or woodpiles, living off of the household’s garbage. Not only do these critters release foul odors, but they can also carry diseases and can cause harm to your pets. The pest control guide below lists steps to take after spotting one.

What to Do When Encountering a Skunk

While you might want to scare this critter off your property, you should stay away from it.  When skunks feel threatened, their natural instinct is to spray—and the resulting smell can be hard to remove from either your person or the lawn. Stomping its feet or standing on its hind-legs are tell-tale signs that the skunk is agitated. When this occurs, it’s best to quietly walk away and immediately contact a professional pest control company.

How to Prevent Skunks From Returning

pest controlWhile there’s no surefire way to prevent skunks from returning to your home, there are measures you can take to reduce the risk. Store your garbage bins inside your garage at night or keep them covered as the scents can attract skunks to your home. Remove any fruit that has fallen from your trees and rake your yard on a frequent basis, as these critters are known to eat garden crops. 


If you spot a skunk on your property, contact the professionals at Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control. For over 40 years, this locally-owned and -operated company has provided a wide range of pest control and landscaping services for homeowners throughout Hobbs, NM. They have the expertise and tools to keep rodents, wildlife, and insects at bay. Call (575) 492-9247 today to schedule an appointment with a technician. Find more useful tips on Facebook.

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