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3 Causes of Springtime Leaky Basements March 14, 2019

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3 Causes of Springtime Leaky Basements, Coon, Wisconsin

Leaky basements can happen year-round, but the risk for moisture problems can be higher in the spring. A professional can inspect your basement to find the direct cause of a leak, but the most common source comes from wet soil around the foundation. To prevent leaks, consider these possible causes during the spring.

3 Reasons Your Basement Might Leak This Spring

1. Melting Snow

When snow melts, it can't absorb into the soil if the ground is still frozen, so it usually travels along the closest path of least resistance. This often leads it to your home’s foundation, where moisture can seep through floors and walls and enter your basement. 

2. Increased Rainfall

Spring is notorious for extra rainfall in most parts of the United States, which can cause water to leak into your basement if your home has inadequate drainage. When gutters and downspouts aren’t correctly installed, are clogged, or are damaged, they can point water at your foundation instead of away from it.

3. Damaged Waterproofing

leaky basementMany homeowners try to prevent leaky basements by waterproofing them, but freezing temperatures and improper installation can damage the coating. Waterproofing can last up to 10 years, but it can crack in certain conditions and need to be reapplied.


Beaver Basement Waterproofing can help the residents of Westby, WI, with foundation repair and basement waterproofing before spring arrives. Their skilled technicians specialize in wet basement solutions at competitive prices. They can prevent or repair a leaky basement by upgrading your drainage system, repairing waterproofing, and installing drain tiles. They can also seal your basement floors and ceiling to prevent future water damage. Call (608) 634-4880 to schedule a consultation, and visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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