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3 Common Septic Tank Problems March 14, 2019

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3 Common Septic Tank Problems, Corbin, Kentucky

Your septic system is designed to properly dispose of your home’s wastewater. While the tank is designed to perform optimally, issues may occur if the septic tank becomes clogged or experiences another issue. Here are a few common problems to keep in mind.

Issues You May Encounter With Your Septic Tank

1. It Overflows

If you don’t schedule regular septic tank cleaning, solid matter can accumulate over time and eventually cause the system to overflow. Another way this may occur is if your household uses too much water in a short span of time. The excess water quickly makes its way through the septic system and into the tank, where it can overflow and cause the drain field to flood.

2. It Gets Clogged

Corbin, KY septic systemIt’s important to watch what you flush down the toilet and rinse down the drain. The only appropriate items to flush are human waste and toilet paper; it’s best to avoid rinsing grease, fat, and oil in the sink. These types of things can cause blockages that cause backups inside your home and prevent the tank from properly filtering waste into the drain field. If you discover sewage backups, smell strong odors, or notice that water drains slowly, have a pumping service assess the situation.

3. It Becomes Infiltrated

When your septic system is first installed, technicians closely evaluate the location before work begins. This is to ensure that there aren’t any plant or tree roots nearby that can infiltrate the system’s pipes. As time passes, however, the likelihood of neighboring vegetation making its way into those inlet pipes increases. Blocked pipes immediately cause stubborn clogs. You’ll need a septic system professional to chemically treat the roots. In some instances, a complete pipe replacement may be necessary.


Dugger’s Septic Tank Cleaning proudly serves homeowners and businesses throughout Corbin, KY. As leaders in the field for more than 56 years, they will handle any issue you encounter with your septic system. Whether you need to schedule septic tank cleaning, septic maintenance, or a leak inspection, trust them to restore the system to its original condition. They also offer emergency services 24 hours a day. Visit the website for information or call them at (606) 528-3893 to schedule an appointment.

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