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What You Should & Shouldn't Wear on Moving Day March 18, 2019

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What You Should & Shouldn't Wear on Moving Day, Walton, Kentucky

Although you should hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting, you’ll probably still do last-minute packing and loading and unloading of fragile belongings in your car on moving day. With all the coming and going, put serious thought into what you wear when relocating. To remain comfortable and safe, below is a guide to what clothing to put on and what items to set aside. 


Dress for the weather. 

From putting items in the car to showing movers where to park the truck, you might spend a lot of time outside during the moving process. You could get cold or overheated easily, so remember to check the weather forecast for the day and dress accordingly. You should wear a sweatshirt or jacket over a T-shirt so you can take off and add layers as needed. 

Wear shoes with good traction.

Without the proper footwear, you could suffer serious injuries when moving boxes up and down stairs or walking over slippery surfaces. To prevent accidental tumbles, wear shoes with slip-proof soles. To avoid accidents, also take breaks from time to time to make sure shoelaces are tied tightly. 


Wear loose clothing. 

Union-Kentucky-moversAlthough you shouldn’t wear clothes that restrict movement, stay away from baggy shirts and pants. Loose-fitting clothing could get caught on box corners, door hinges, and other items and rip. To remain comfortable and flexible, wear close-fitting clothing made with fabrics that stretch.  

Forget to take off jewelry.

Pack jewelry away prior to moving day. Long necklaces, dangling earrings, rings, and bracelets could get caught on objects, leading to serious injuries. There’s also a risk of damaging the baubles. In some cases, it could be difficult to find replacements for missing stones and perform additional repairs. Putting jewelry away will ensure it remains safe.


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