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How to Efficiently Pack a Bathroom for Moving March 14, 2019

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How to Efficiently Pack a Bathroom for Moving, Walton, Kentucky

When packing up your home to relocate to a new residence, you may assume that your bathroom will be the easiest room to tackle. However, this small space can be tricky because the process usually involves a lot of sorting, decluttering, and organization. Below is a useful guide to help you efficiently pack up your bathroom before the movers arrive. 

Why Is Packing a Bathroom Difficult?

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of your bathroom; this small space contains a lot of items you use daily. Because it houses necessary items, you must plan to pack everything up at the right time. Otherwise, you risk accidentally boxing up items you still need, like toothbrushes and towels.

Waiting until the last minute can delay your movers from clearing out the room on time. Ideally, you should begin packing within a day or two before your expected move-out date. Despite the short timeframe, bathrooms must be packed with care. Many cosmetic and hygiene bottles can break or spill during transport if you don’t box them properly.

How Do I Sort & Declutter Items?

moversYou don’t have to bring everything you own to your new home. Before you begin loading boxes, take an inventory of your belongings and separate what you will bring with you from what you need to throw out. For instance, expired or empty cosmetic containers can be thrown away as well as torn, worn out linens and towels. By taking this step before you pack your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about movers transporting unnecessary items. Decluttering will also reduce the number of boxes you’ll need. 

How Should I Pack My Boxes?

Before you start filling boxes, you’ll need to pack a small bag with essential toiletries for each family member to last through the last day of moving. Once that’s done, use packing paper and towels to line the boxes and protect your belongings from damage. Bubble wrap is perfect for giving fragile items, like mirrors, additional protection. Wrap open bottles and liquid-filled containers in plastic bags to prevent spills. After each box is carefully packed, label them accordingly so that the movers will know where to put them once they reach your new residence. 


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