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Top 3 Benefits of Hydrofracking March 22, 2019

Walton, Washington
Top 3 Benefits of Hydrofracking, Walton, Missouri

Hydrofracking is a term closely associated with oil and natural gas drilling, but the process also aids water well drilling for homes that rely on private wells for their water supply. This procedure is not without the occasional problem, but its advantages far outweigh any potential complications. To give you a better understanding of what hydrofracking can do for your home’s water supply, refer to the guide below.

3 Benefits of Hydrofracking

1. Increase Well Water Flow

hydrofrackingWith hydrofracking, pressurized water is pumped into the ground until it reaches water-bearing bedrock beneath an existing well. Fragments and fine particles that may have lodged into fractures within the bedrock are flushed away, which allows additional potable water to flow freely into the well. If you notice a decrease in your home’s water pressure or hear air sputters when you turn on a faucet, hydrofracking can increase water flow back into your home. 

2. Chemical-Free

Hydraulic fracking pertains to the extraction of natural gas and oil from the earth, and it has a similar process to hydrofracking. However, instead of using pressurized water to clear away clogged dirt, hydraulic fracking uses a combination of water, sand, and chemicals to penetrate the underground rock formations. Because hydrofracking doesn’t involve chemicals, this process has minimal potential for groundwater contamination in new or old wells, which means your family will enjoy clean, safe water. 

3. Cost-Effective

If your old well is running low on water, you may consider regularly shipping in potable water from an outside source or drilling a new well. Both options can be expensive, and well drilling doesn’t guarantee a better yield. Hydrofracking, however, is a cost-effective way to increase water flow by up to five gallons per minute.


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