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3 Ways Squirrels Are Bad for Roofing March 13, 2019

Jenks, Tulsa County
3 Ways Squirrels Are Bad for Roofing, Jenks, Oklahoma

Squirrels can seem cute when they’re foraging for nuts or hiding away in trees. But when these furry creatures take residence on top of your home, they can contribute to a variety of roofing problems that are costly and inconvenient to fix. To help you avoid the need for roof repair, here are a few ways squirrels can cause damage and what to do about it.

3 Roofing Problems Caused By Squirrels

1. Leaks

To keep their teeth short, squirrels will chew through many different substances—including shingles, decking, and underlayment. When the deterioration is extensive enough, these issues can lead to roof leaks and, in turn, result in extensive water damage. To keep these rodents off of your roof, have all nearby trees trimmed so squirrels can’t hop onto it from an overhanging branch.

2. Insulation Damage

roofingOnce squirrels make their way through the roof, they will likely begin to chew on the insulation found in your attic. The more damage they cause, the easier it will be for hot and cold air to enter your home and HVAC treated air to escape, leading to higher energy bills.

Specialized strobe lights and noise-emitters can help keep squirrels from wanting to come inside your attic. However, if an infestation does occur, you should have an exterminator address the problem. Once the squirrels are removed, hire a roofer to seal any open areas where the invaders may have come in.

3. Clogged Gutters

The more active squirrels are on your roof, the more likely they are to bring along belongings—such as pine cones and nuts. Over time, some of this debris can fall down the roof and collect in the gutters.  Eventually, the debris will cause a clog that prevents proper drainage.

If water isn’t able to flow away through the gutters, the moisture can cause significant damage to the roof and siding. Reduce these risks by installing guards over your gutters. These devices work to filter out larger objects from the drainage channels so they do not block the flow of water.


In the event that your property does experience squirrel damage, Guaranteed Roofing offers comprehensive resources to restore your home’s integrity. Utilizing top-tier resources, this Jenks, OK, roofer will accurately pinpoint problem areas and deliver swift, effective repairs. Whether you need to fix a leak, install new gutters, or have a total roof replacement, these pros will work with you to provide results that fit your style and budget preferences. To learn more about their offerings, visit this roofing contractor online. For estimates, call (918) 451-0119.

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