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A Guide to Proper Movie Theater Etiquette March 13, 2019

Falco, Covington
A Guide to Proper Movie Theater Etiquette, Falco, Alabama

Watching a movie at the theater is an exciting way to immerse yourself in the action. You can easily get lost in what’s happening on screen as you become transfixed by the story, the excellent sound quality, and the pristine picture before you. Sometimes, though, a distraction can take away from the experience. To ensure that everyone enjoys the film from start to finish, here’s a general refresher on proper cinema etiquette.

The Basics of Movie Theater Etiquette

1. Get There on Time

theaterThe beauty of getting to the movie theater on time is that it’s fairly easy to do. That’s because listings usually coincide with the time that trailers start to roll. Depending on the feature, it could take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes for the actual movie to begin. This allows you time to purchase your concessions, use the restroom, and handle any other activities beforehand. If you do arrive late, try to slip into a seat in the back so as not to disturb fellow moviegoers. Bear in mind that new movies are likely to be more crowded, especially on opening night and weekends.

2. Avoid Using Your Phone

Cell phones can be disruptive for a number of reasons. The light can be distracting to your neighbors, the ring can interrupt a pivotal scene, and texting or browsing can take away from your own enjoyment. Be sure to switch the phone to silent, and avoid taking calls or answering texts inside the theater. If you think you may receive an important call, plan ahead by selecting an aisle seat near the back. This way you can slip out and back inside quietly.

3. Throw Away Your Trash

A great part of the movie theater experience is indulging in popcorn, soda, or your favorite snack while you enjoy the film. While ushers do clean in between film showings, they usually only have a short period of time to manage the entire auditorium. You can help them by disposing of your trash on your way out the door.


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