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5 Popular Flooring Finishes for Your Custom Home March 13, 2019

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5 Popular Flooring Finishes for Your Custom Home, Bigfork, Montana

If you are building a custom home, choosing the details of your design makes the property personal and unique to you. After choosing the material for your flooring, you must decide the type of finish you want for it. Finishes range in look and durability, so explore the guide below for 5 trending flooring finishes to match any need.

Top 5 Common Types of Finishes for Your Floors

1. Matte Hardwood

Matte wood is a popular choice for its natural and organic look. Matte finishes show off the wood grain, giving your home a cozy and rustic feel. Matte also tends to disguise scratches and scuffs, making it the ideal choice for families with children or pets. To safeguard your planks while maintaining their natural look, apply a protective coating of water-based polyurethane.

2. Hardwood Satin

Satin finishes for hardwood provide light sheen for those looking for low-gloss elegance. Satin can still mask imperfections and dirt because of their low luster, and resist scratches from pets and high heels despite having some sheen.

3. Hardwood Oil

Oil finishes keep a matte or semi-glossed look while creating an impermeable layer over your wood planks to boost their durability. Popular choices of oil finishes for custom homes include hardwax, tung oil, linseed, oil, and Danish oil. Oiled hardwood requires refinishing every few years, but it significantly reduces damage and doesn’t peel.

4. Honed Tile

custom homeFor a non-wooden option, honed tile is a smooth, uniform, and naturally matte type of stone finish. Honed finishes disguise scratches and wear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and countertops, but they also tend to hide the natural grain of your surface.

5. Polished Tile

If you want a glossy finish for your floors, you may want to choose polished tile. Polish makes the color of your tile pop and enhances any veining in the stone’s natural design, especially granite and marble. It isn’t resistant to scratches and can become slippery, so this finish is best left to low-traffic areas of your home such as the foyer.


If you still have questions about the many options of flooring finishes, visit Doug Collins Construction in the Bigfork, MT area. With over 40 years of custom home building experience, they give personalized attention to homeowners to create their dream homes. Check their portfolio on their website or call (406) 249-5325 for a quote.

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