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A Brief Guide to Solar Pool Covers March 12, 2019

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A Brief Guide to Solar Pool Covers, Washington, Connecticut

When you have a pool, keeping the water temperature at a comfortable level is important for your enjoyment. While pool heaters are an option, solar covers can be an effective and budget-friendly way to maintain optimal conditions. Below is a brief guide to using a solar cover for your swimming pool.

What You Need to Know About Solar Pool Covers

What Are Solar Pool Covers & How Do They Work?

Solar covers go beyond keeping debris out of your pool water. These covers trap the sun’s energy and heat the water, making the temperature ideal for swimming whenever you decide to jump in. The design of these covers is similar to a magnifying glass, augmenting how much heat is taken in and trapping as much energy from the sun as possible. Pool covers also reduce how much water evaporation occurs, which not only helps keep water levels ideal; it also slows down the cooling effect that occurs during water loss.

poolThere are a few different types of solar covers. Solar blankets look like bubble wrap and come in an array of sizes and shapes. They can also be trimmed to fit your pool perfectly for optimal results. There are also decorative solar rings that come individually or in a set to ensure every part of your pool is covered. These must be inflated before being used.

What Are the Benefits?

Relying on the sun to keep your pool water warm lowers your utility costs. Running an electric or gas heater requires more power and will be much more expensive than using solar power.

Water loss is a huge problem with pools, leading to more energy-use to add new water and bring temperatures back up. Using a solar cover keeps water in the pool, reducing excess energy usage.

Another benefit of using a solar pool cover is you will end up with cleaner water. Bugs, debris, and grime are kept outside where they belong, making maintenance a lot easier when you want to open up your pool for a day and enjoy the warm water. Less dirt also keeps the walls and flooring of your pool in better shape for longer.


To purchase a solar pool cover in Fairfield and Litchfield counties, contact Distinctive Swimming Pools. Based in Washington Depot, CT, these contractors bring more than 75 years of experience to every customer. Their team is available for seasonal maintenance to keep pool systems clean and safe all year round. Call (860)-868-3622 or visit them online for more on the brands they carry.

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