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4 Benefits of Using a Stone Slinger for Your Next Project March 12, 2019

Victor, Ontario
4 Benefits of Using a Stone Slinger for Your Next Project, Victor, New York

Gravel and sand are ideal surface materials for sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping projects, but spreading loose aggregates by hand is often time-consuming and expensive. To cut those costs without sacrificing the quality of the results, consider using a stone slinger, an innovative truck-mounted tool designed to quickly and evenly spread loose materials. Below are just a few of the benefits of using one for your next paving or landscaping job.

The Advantages of Using a Stone Slinger

1. Lower Expenses

The most advanced stone slingers can be run by a single operator, instead of a large crew of laborers. Whether you’re paving a large driveway or landscaping a front yard, these machines can dramatically lower the cost of your project.

2. Faster

stone slingerIn addition to helping you stay on budget, stone slingers will also ensure your project stays on schedule. With these machines, a project that might otherwise take all day can be completed in a matter of hours. The speed of a stone slinger means contractors can fit more projects into their schedule, increasing profits along with client satisfaction.

3. Working in Smaller Areas

Traditionally, gravel or mulch is offloaded from a dump truck and spread by hand, but what if you don’t have the space? Stone slingers use a conveyor to deliver materials to the work site, allowing you to efficiently work in tight spaces that might not accommodate a dump truck.

4. Precise Placement

Paving a gravel garden path or sidewalk requires more precise placement than dump trucks are capable of. Rather than carrying the bags of stone by hand, a stone slinger allows you to place material exactly where you need.


For three generations, contractors throughout the Rochester, NY, area have trusted Syracusa Sand & Gravel for high-quality materials at the best prices on the market. Whether you’re looking for raw gravel or need complete delivery and installation services, their Monroe County-based team has the expertise and equipment you need. Visit their website or call (585) 924-7146 to discuss your project and hire a stone slinger.

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