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New Credit Options Available for Loan & Retail at Moore Pawn & Furniture March 13, 2019

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
New Credit Options Available for Loan & Retail at Moore Pawn & Furniture, Lincoln, Nebraska

Expecting a tax refund in the coming month? You may be interested in treating yourself to some new furniture, jewelry, or electronics. If any of those items are a bit above the value of your return, don’t worry. Moore Pawn & Furniture, serving Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas, now offers no credit needed financing. Here’s what you should know about the loan and retail options they have available.

About No Credit Needed Financing

Getting a loan without a long credit history can be difficult, if not impossible in some instances. It’s especially hard for young people or those who have gone through financial difficulties in the past. However, Moore Pawn & Furniture’s new credit options don’t require you to have any credit history. All you need is an open checking account, a three-month history with the same employer, and at least $1,000 in income. They can make credit decisions based on these factors in seconds. Afterward, you’ll receive a 90-day payment option that allows you to cover the cost of any purchases over the next few months.

How You Can Benefit

loan and retailMoore Pawn & Furniture offers a wide array of pre-owned products, from jewelry and gold to furniture and electronics at significantly discounted prices in their 20,000 square foot showroom. But with this new financing option, you can take home the piece that you’ve been eyeing without paying a cent. Then you can use your tax refund or regular paychecks to pay off these purchases comfortably over time. You can also earn extra cash by bringing in used furniture or other belongings. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to replace an older couch or dresser with a newer one.

This is just one of the many loan and retail options available from Moore Pawn & Furniture. The quality pawn shop also provides payday advances, cash for gold, and quality retail items for sale. Alternatively, you can bring in an item to be evaluated and can receive an immediate cash loan of up to $50,000, depending on its condition and value. Once repaid, your belongings will be returned to you. You don’t have to deal with a lengthy application process or tons of red tape for any of their loan and retail offerings. Check out some of their inventory by exploring the company’s online shop, or call (402) 477-5116 to speak with a pawnbroker directly.

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