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3 Clothing Items Men Can Pair With Vests April 30, 2019

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3 Clothing Items Men Can Pair With Vests, Jacksonville East, Florida

Vests are timeless wardrobe staples hailed for their versatility and functionality. Keeping you warm without restricting mobility, this key piece of outerwear can be worn during most seasons and is ideal for a broad range of outdoor adventures. Of course, vests are also fashion-forward options for the well-dressed man. Find out how to pair it with other outfit essentials below.

3 Outfit Ideas for Men’s Vests

1. A Basic Long-Sleeved Shirt

When wearing a vest, the objective is to pair your outerwear with slim-fitting layers to minimize the appearance of bulkiness. Because of that, a thermal or basic long-sleeved tee works well underneath a vest. For a bolder statement, consider wearing a patterned shirt instead of a solid color. This look is particularly well-suited for milder days, as you won’t overheat with a lightweight shirt.

outerwear2. A Casual Button-Down

If you’re seeking a bit of extra warmth, a flannel button-down shirt is the perfect pairing for your vest. This iconic outdoorsy look will function well for chillier days, and it is well-suited for a low-temperature hike or excursion. Look for a button-down in a shade that complements your vest to avoid color clashing.

3. Joggers or Jeans

A pair of slim-cut sweatpants like the increasingly popular joggers keeps the outfit casual without looking sloppy. Of course, vests also work with your favorite pair of jeans. To break up the outfit, choose a wash in a different shade from your vest. For example, dark wash jeans pair well with lighter-colored outerwear, and vice versa.


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