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Why Your Dog May Be Using the Bathroom Indoors March 14, 2019

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Why Your Dog May Be Using the Bathroom Indoors, Rosenberg-Richmond, Texas

Out of nowhere, your house-trained dog suddenly starts soiling the carpets or floors at home again. Your first instinct may be to scold them for the misbehavior. However, there are several possible medical reasons for their accident. The guide below explains some of them and why potty-training regression should prompt a visit to a veterinarian. 

5 Medical Reasons Why Dogs May Forget Their House Training

1. Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections can be especially frustrating for pet owners because they show little other signs besides the large puddles on your carpet. However, if you look closer, some of the urine may be tinged pink with blood or your dog may start licking their genitalia with alarming frequency. A veterinarian, on the other hand, can diagnose it easily after taking a urine sample and testing it for abnormal cells and bacteria. The issue can usually be treated with antibiotics.

2. Bladder Problems 

veterinarianBladder stones or cystitis can cause your dog to relieve himself in the house. A change in diet or medicines will most likely correct these problems, although crystals in their urine might indicate a bladder or kidney infection. Additionally, your canine companion may need surgery at the veterinary hospital if he has an extreme case of bladder stones.  

3. Old Age

As your dogs grow older, they can suffer canine senility or dementia that may lead to them urinating indoors. They may forget where they are or their house training rules. Some pet parents of older dogs try retraining their pets.

4. Digestive Problems

If your dog has a digestive problem, it can lead to house accidents. Veterinarians diagnose dogs with inflammatory bowel disease, parasites, food allergies, and liver disease, any of which may lead to urinating indoors.

5. Incontinence

A young adult dog can suffer from uncontrollable incontinence just as old dogs do. Urine puddles in his bed or on the floor while he’s sleeping, or occasional dribbling or leaking are all relatively normal. However, veterinarians can offer some medications that may help.


If your dog has started urinating in your home, bring him to the veterinarian team at Greatwood Veterinary Hospital. Based in Richmond, TX, these skilled pet specialists diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions that cause dogs to forget their house training. Whether your pet needs medication or in-office surgery, this compassionate team is ready to serve you both. Visit them online now to view their full list of services. Call (281) 342-7770 to make an appointment.

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