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3 Tips for Starting Your Pool Pump March 13, 2019

Mebane, Alamance
3 Tips for Starting Your Pool Pump, Mebane, North Carolina

When the weather warms up and your family members are ready to start swimming again, you will want your pool to be crystal clean and welcoming. However, if you don’t start up your swimming pool pump early enough or the system starts having problems, water quality can suffer. Here are three tips for starting up your pool pump.

Important Steps for Priming Your Pool Pump

1. Set Your Multi-Port Valve to Recirculate

Your swimming pool pump has a special valve that allows owners to dictate where water is drawn from and how it distributes back into your pool. To prime your pump, you need to set your multi-port valve to “recirculate,” which will draw in water from your pool and send it right back out into the body of water, bypassing the filter. The reason this needs to be done before starting the pump is to prevent contaminating the filter before you know how the pump is functioning.

2. Allow the Pump to Fill With Water

swimming pool pumpNext, it is important to submerge the pump and let it fill with water. This step is important because even small air pockets inside of your pool pump can halt the flow of water and overall filtration.

3. Turn on Your Filtration System

After you start your swimming pool pump and allow it to start pumping water, check for bubbles that indicate the system is eliminating air pockets. Next, switch on your filtration system and watch the water to see if the filter appears to be working properly. Keep in mind that pool filters should run for at least 8 hours a day to filter all of the water in your pool.


Remember, if you have problems starting up your swimming pool pump in the spring, you can always turn to the team at Carolina Plumbing & Water Systems. For over 34 years, these experienced professionals have been helping home and business owners with everything from emergency plumbing repairs to tankless water heaters and pool pumps, helping homes to run more efficiently. To learn more about how they can help you, send them a quick note online or give their Mebane, NC, office a call at (919) 563-3709.