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What is the Difference Between Arbitration & Mediation? March 12, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
What is the Difference Between Arbitration & Mediation?, Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re going through a contentious divorce, have been injured in an accident, or wronged by another party, a civil suit may be the only way to achieve justice. However, pursuing a case in court is often expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, with unpredictable results that may not come out in your favor. Arbitration and mediation are highly effective dispute resolution methods that give you more control over the outcome. A seasoned attorney can help you choose the best course of action. 


attorneyMediation is a form of negotiation, facilitated by an impartial third party in a somewhat relaxed, informal setting. While the mediator is usually an attorney, they have no power to make a decision about the case. Instead, they provide a neutral point of view and a forum for each party to explain their positions and look for a mutually beneficial solution. Mediation is especially successful in divorce cases where parties have agreed on many issues and want to avoid the emotional and financial stress of extended litigation.


While arbitration also helps parties avoid the courtroom, the process is much more formal, and results in a final and binding legal decision. Whereas mediation is a forum for negotiation, arbitrators weigh evidence, collect testimony, and adjudicate the case, much like a trial judge. Each side’s attorneys control participation in the process, and the parties don’t have direct contact with the arbitrator. Arbitration is typically used in employment disputes, breach of contract suits, and other business law matters.


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