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Does Your Pet Have Seasonal Allergies? March 8, 2019

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Does Your Pet Have Seasonal Allergies? , Columbus, Nebraska

Getting regular pet grooming doesn’t just keep your cat or dog clean; it can also help minimize any symptoms of seasonal allergies that make your pet uncomfortable. Here are four signs that your pet is affected by allergy season and may need the help of professional groomers.

4 Signs Your Pet May Have Seasonal Allergies 

1. Itching

As the seasons change, many dogs get itchy. They may be allergic to plants like grass, which they show by scratching behind their ears, rolling around in the grass, and biting at their paws. The skin in these areas may be red and inflamed from scratching and exposure to irritants.

2. Sneezing

Just like people, pets can have traditional seasonal allergies that cause sneezing. Your cat or dog may sneeze repeatedly, especially when outdoors. They may also have a watery nose and eyes cause by irritation from pollen. 

3. Shedding

pet grooming Platte County NEMany animals shed between seasons. However, hair loss could also be a sign of dry skin from allergies. If your furry friend has been losing more hair than usual, head to a pet grooming facility to see if the issue indicates more severe problems. Their staff can suggest shampoos that will help minimize the skin issues causing fur loss.

4. Scratching

Does your dog keep scratching their ears with their back paws? Or maybe they rub their head along on the carpet or flap their ears repeatedly? Some dogs have itchy, swollen ears that may seem like an ear infection but are actually signs of seasonal allergies. Treating this symptom can take several months of regular ear drop use, so be sure to head to a pet grooming facility right away to have the skin assessed and get medication.


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