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5 Essential Welding Supplies for Beginners March 25, 2019

Morehead, Rowan
5 Essential Welding Supplies for Beginners, Morehead, Kentucky

Whether you’re preparing for school or looking to pick up a new hobby, you’ll need a few welding supplies to prepare you for your first job. Between safety gear and measurement tools, welders require a lot of gear to work efficiently and safely. Below are a few items to pick up before your first lesson.

5 Important Welding Supplies Every Beginner Needs

1. Safety Equipment

Keep yourself safe while welding with high-quality safety equipment including gloves, goggles, an auto-dimming welding helmet, and a respirator. Thick leather gloves covering your hands and lower arms protect skin from serious heat and UV rays, and an auto-darkening helmet protects your head and shields your eyes from excessively bright lights. Safety goggles or glasses offer further protection from sparks that could fly up under your helmet. A welding respirator or dust mask protects your lungs from toxic fumes.

2. Speed Square

welding suppliesCut long pieces of tubing easily with a speed square. The triangular tool made of plastic, steel, or aluminum functions as a guide for 45- and 90-degree cuts. It also works as a ruler, board ripping guide, and try square among other applications. Aluminum versions are durable and precise, which makes them perfect for welders of all skill levels.

3. Assorted Clamps

Purchase at least 10 welding clamps of varying sizes and shapes to accommodate different projects. Clamps hold metal pieces together tightly, so they stay straight and remain stationary as you work. Remove the clamps before applying the final welds.

4. Specialty Pliers

Use special welding pliers to cut, trim, grip, or strip wire. For a MIG project, look for pliers with circular clamps, so you can remove the nozzle from your welding gun without getting burned. Circular clamps also make replacing contact tips simple.

5. Angle Grinder

Work with this versatile tool to cut metal, smooth welds, remove paint, and attach flap discs for precise cuts. Use the right disc for your metal type, as using a ferrous disc on nonferrous metal clogs the component and creates too much heat. This causes a dangerous glazing effect that may result in an explosion.


Find these and other welding supplies at Wholesale Auto Parts, in Morehead, KY. They help welders and drivers in and around Rowan County find the parts and supplies they need to complete their projects. The company works with the most trusted manufacturers in their respective industries and offers more than 13 years of experience. Call (606) 784-4147 today with questions, and review products and services online.

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