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Do You Need New Automotive Paint? 4 Tell-Tale Signs March 20, 2019

Elsmere, Covington
Do You Need New Automotive Paint? 4 Tell-Tale Signs, Covington, Kentucky

From weathering over time to collision damages, there are many reasons why your vehicle might need automotive paint. Though touch-ups and paintless dent removal are appropriate in some instances, a full paint job often results in a cleaner and more consistent finish. Here are a handful of reasons why you might need an auto body shop appointment.

4 Ways to Tell When You Need New Automotive Paint

1. Scratches

automotive paintThough auto body shops can usually buff or wax out minor scratches, deeper scrapes on your hood, doors, or bumpers will require the injection of fillers. Once complete, they’ll need to apply a new coat of automotive paint to your vehicle to ensure that the color is even. 

2. Corrosion

During the cold months, your auto body may develop rust deposits due to salt on the roads; while in the summer, humidity is a common culprit. Corrosion is also common among vehicles that remain parked and exposed to the elements for extended periods. Minor repairs and a new paint job should take care of the problem. 

3. Fading

Over time, the color of your auto body may lose its luster. While your car might have originally boasted a gorgeous, glossy finish, weathering typically makes the it look dull and matte. Fresh automotive paint will give your vehicle a shiny and new appearance.

4. Accidents

Believe it or not, even fender benders sometimes necessitate full auto body repaints. If you let small issues, such as scratches, cracks, and dings go without repairs after collisions, your auto body may slowly corrode or peel. Have it painted to prevent the need for full body panel replacements. 


Airport Paint & Body offers post-accident automotive paint to clients in Erlanger, KY. For over a decade, they have provided collision repairs, auto detailing, paintless dent removal, and other dependable automotive work. Call (859) 441-5000 to schedule free pickup and delivery services. Or, visit them online to learn more about their locations and staff. 

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