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A Brief Guide to Bounty Hunters March 12, 2019

East Haven, New Haven County
A Brief Guide to Bounty Hunters, East Haven, Connecticut

When a bond agent posts bail for a client, they essentially make a guarantee that the defendant will make their required court dates. If you fail to appear, they might lose the full bail amount, unless they can return you to custody within a certain period. To protect their interests, bail bond agents in many states employ bounty hunters, who are authorized to place you under arrest and return you to jail.

What Is a Bounty Hunter?

What Bounty Hunters Do

Bounty hunters, formally known as bail recovery agents, are professionals who specialize in tracking down people who have skipped out on bail. Because they typically receive a percentage of the defendant’s bail amount, they’re often extremely motivated, and have the investigative tools to track down most of their targets.

What Legal Authority They Possess 

bail bond agentBecause bail bond agents stand to lose considerable amounts of money when defendants skip bail, many states give bounty hunters special legal authority, including the ability to place fugitives under arrest. In some jurisdictions, they may enter and search private residences without a warrant, carry firearms, and kick open doors without announcing themselves.

What They’re Authorized to Do in Connecticut

While some states specifically outlaw bounty hunters, Connecticut and many others permit them to operate. In Connecticut, bounty hunters are required to carry a license and an identification card from the Commissioner of Public Safety. Every applicant must complete at least 20 hours of training, along with eight hours of firearm training. They must also pass background checks. Generally, they work in tandem with law enforcement to track down fugitives. Avoid having a bail bond agent put one of these experienced professionals on your tail by complying with the court and making all required appearances. 


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