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The Do's & Don'ts of Metal Roof Maintenance for Homeowners March 14, 2019

The Do's & Don'ts of Metal Roof Maintenance for Homeowners, ,

Many homeowners choose metal roofing because it’s a low-maintenance solution. However, there are some essential do’s and don’ts to help ensure the roof will last for many years. After installation from a professional roofing company, follow these care tips to keep your home in top shape.


Wash the panels.

Metal roofing can grow algae and rust over time. Hire a roofing company to powerwash the panels on a low-pressure setting to prevent this buildup and improve curb appeal. Another option is to rinse the surface with a mixture of bleach and mild dish soap to fight fungi problems or use a wet cloth and solvent cleaners to mitigate streaking caused by rain.

Trim the trees.

Don’t let tree branches encroach on your roof. When it’s windy, a branch can scratch or dent the roof. During storms, trees are more likely to fall on the roof if they are close to it. You can prevent these costly issues by trimming the trees so no branches come within 5 feet of the home.


Forget to clean the gutters.

roofing company Rochester NYGutters need to be clear of debris to direct precipitation flow away from the house to high drainage areas. If you forget to remove leaves, flower petals, and sticks from the gutters, rain may pour over the sides and pool around the foundation, potentially flooding your home. Plus, in the winter, neglected gutters may create heavy ice damns that bend the roof edges.

Neglect to repair dents and scratches.

If you spot scratches or dents on the roof, it’s time for repairs. Hiring a roofing company to address these potentially weak areas will prevent rust, corrosion, and moisture problems.


If your metal roof needs maintenance, contact Ontario Exteriors. The Rochester, NY-area roofing company has over 20 years of experience tackling siding installations, gutter repairs, and window and door installations. Call (585) 421-0880 to schedule service or visit the website for more information on these insured roofers.

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