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5 Ways Hail Can Damage a Roof March 14, 2019

McKinney, Collin
5 Ways Hail Can Damage a Roof, McKinney, Texas

While Texas may be known as part of Tornado Alley, it is also one of the states most severely affected by hail, along with Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. These hard balls of ice, which often fall from the sky in the middle of summer, create fascination—and also potential damage to cars and homes. Afterward, a storm-damaged roof is more vulnerable to other problems, including leaks. The guide below lists signs that your shingles need repair.

What Are the Signs of a Hail Storm-Damaged Roof?

1. Missing Shingle Granules

Heavy pieces of hail may smash into an asphalt roof and remove granules as they make contact. The granules are tiny pebbles that protect the roof from algae growth and UV damage, so homeowners should replace these shingles with undamaged ones.

2. Dented Gutters or Metal Shingles

Larger pieces of hail may impact gutters or metal roofing, causing the material to bend. This issue may seem cosmetic, but it can negatively affect the flow of precipitation down the roof and through the gutters, which can lead to water flowing down the sides of your home, rather than being redirected away. As a result, you may experience foundational issues. 

3. Chipped Vents

storm-damaged roofHomes typically feature several vents or chimneys to encourage air exchange between the attic and the outdoors. Hail can cause chipping or dents in these features, letting moisture in. Luckily, these issues are often easy to fix by replacing the vent cap or roof panel.

4. Bruising

Hail doesn’t just affect the exterior of your home. During a severe weather event, these ice pellets can even bruise the roof, creating soft spots in the shingles that reach down into the lower layers. These areas could become wet and eventually grow mold, creating bad air quality and rotting the wood in your home. 

5. Cracks

Homes that feature wood roofing may have cracked shingles because of hail. These unique planks may split all the way or only at the edge, depending on the size and speed of the projectile. Rather than risk a leak, which could weaken the integrity of the structure, call an expert to replace these elements of your storm-damaged roof.


If you have a storm-damaged roof that needs attention, contact Sandberg Contracting LLC in Collin County, TX. The local, family-owned business offers over 20 years of industry experience and a free seven-point inspection for homeowners. Call (972) 989 8100 or visit the website for information on their roof restorations in the McKinney area.

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