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4 Reasons to Replace Your TV With a Video Projector March 14, 2019

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4 Reasons to Replace Your TV With a Video Projector, 4, Louisiana

One way to up the ante in your media room is by getting a large screen for playing videos. Television has long been a favored choice, and with the proliferation of bigger screens with higher definitions, it’s not surprising why TVs remain a staple in these entertainment areas. However, they aren’t the only viable alternative. Video projectors offer a multitude of benefits often unmatched by TVs.

Why You Should Switch to a Video Projector 

1. Cost-Effective

Newer TVs can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, increasing in price with larger screens and more up-to-date features. A high-quality video projector costs significantly less but has more screen real estate for viewing. Most projectors can go as wide as 120 inches — nearly double than what 65-inch TVs can give you — and at a fraction of the price. As for the resolution, you can also get high-quality images since most projectors now play in HD.

2. Portable

Video projectors are small, which makes them portable and durable enough to be brought from one place to another. Unlike bigger, more fragile TVs, projectors are easier to lug around, so you can move them to different rooms if need be. They can even be placed in out-of-the-way areas, like on a shelf or atop a bookcase, to prevent kids, pets, or anyone else from accidentally knocking them over.  

3. Creates Cinematic Experiencevideo projectors

With bigger, more defined images cast by video projectors, there won’t be any bad seats in the media room. Even with a large group watching, everyone can clearly see what’s on the screen with the right lighting and contrast settings. You can easily adjust screen size — make it bigger or smaller — according to needs and the viewing environment.

4. Doesn’t Take Up Space

With a video projector in place, it won’t take up precious floor space like a TV will. It can be placed nearly anywhere as long as it has a place to project the image properly, such as a blank wall. However, you can also invest in a retractable screen that will cover any flat area and provide the perfect background for viewing. Alternately, you can mount the screen in your ceiling and serve the dual purpose of dividing an open-plan area — something you can’t achieve with big-screen TVs.


If you’re ready to make the switch from a TV to a video projector, let the professionals at Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio help you pick the right equipment. They’ve been providing top-notch professional audio and video systems to businesses, schools, and churches throughout Shreveport, LA, since 1989. They use their years of experience to model the acoustics of various rooms and develop audio systems that enhance the overall viewing experience. Once they’re done setting it up, they’ll teach you how to maintain your equipment so you can enjoy it for years to come. Call (318) 861-5953 to discuss your video and audio installation needs today, or reach out on their website.

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