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How to Choose the Ideal Eyebrow Shape for Your Face March 12, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
How to Choose the Ideal Eyebrow Shape for Your Face, Rochester, New York

Eyebrows frame your eyes and offer balance to your facial structure. If you weren’t born with perfect eyebrows, salon services like waxing or microblading are excellent ways to create the best shape to accentuate your features. Use the guide below and talk to your stylist to find the perfect look. 

How to Find Your Perfect Brow

Pick Your Shape

Here are the most common face shapes and their corresponding brow styles:

  • Heart-Shaped: A pointed chin and sloped cheeks are the main features of this type of face. A rounded eyebrow works best. 
  • Ovoid: Faces with this shape are longer than they are wide and are most suited to gently angled or flat brows. 
  • Square: People with square faces have pronounced jawlines and broad foreheads. Opt for a round eyebrow with a low arch. 
  • Diamond: A curved eyebrow with a long tail complements faces with wide, pronounced cheekbones and narrow chins.
  • Round: These faces have curved cheeks and chins. Brows with high arches are ideal, as they emphasize the cheekbones. 

Choose Your Length

microbladingHere’s a quick trick: hold a pencil from the outer edge of your nostril straight up to your eyebrow. That’s where your eyebrows should begin. To figure out where they should end, tilt the pencil from your nose to the outer end of your brow. Where the pencil extends past it is where your brow should stop. Ask your stylist for a second opinion to ensure symmetry. 

Find Your Thickness

Dense, lush brows are all the rage these days, but slimmer types still work, especially for certain face shapes. Talk to your stylist about finding your best look, whether you prefer bushypencil-thin, or something in between. 

Select Your Method

Waxing is effective and fast in the hands of a qualified stylist. If you don’t have enough hair for your dream look, try microblading. With this semi-permanent procedure, a pigment is manually implanted to mimic little hairs. There’s minimal discomfort, thanks to a numbing agent applied prior to the procedure. You’ll have beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows that perfectly match your face.


At Mark & M.E. in Rochester, NY, you’ll get the eyebrows you always wanted. This salon specializes in everything from microblading and lash extensions to rejuvenating facials that will enhance your look. They also provide a variety of waxing services to keep your brows tidy. Schedule your microblading today by calling (585) 473-7360 or visit them online.

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