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3 Lawn Mower Safety Tips March 14, 2019

Monroe, Fairfield County
3 Lawn Mower Safety Tips, Monroe, Connecticut

When it comes to cutting grass, nothing can match the speed and efficiency of a lawn mower, and whether you’re working with a riding, push, or electric model, it’s important to take safety precautions. The sharp, high-powered blades of an electric lawn mower can cause serious injury, and projectiles may be dangerous to your home or passersby. Always familiarize yourself with your equipment and use the following safety tips.

How to Safely Use Your Lawn Mower

1. Always Move Forward

electric-lawn-mower-l-and-r-equipment-incIf you miss a spot or need to maneuver around a tricky corner, never draw your electric lawn mower backward. Should you trip and fall, you can easily pull the blade over your feet and cause violent and potentially fatal injuries. Always move in a forward motion with the mower and keep an eye out for any obstructions that you could trip over.

2. Watch Where You’re Mowing

Mowing anything that isn’t grass can quickly turn into a hazard. If the mower blades can’t completely cut the item, it will be fired out of the side toward your home, car, or another person. Always keep an eye out for objects in the yard when mowing and pick them up as you see them. Better yet, do a sweep of your yard for items—including small ones—before you begin mowing.

3. Wear the Right Shoes

No matter how good fresh cut grass feels on your bare feet, don’t make the mistake of wearing the wrong shoes. Flip-flops, for example, make you susceptible to tripping. If you’re barefoot, you can step on sharp objects. Wear shoes that are stable and offer plenty of support. You’ll avoid burning bare skin on hot electric lawn mower parts or being injured by the moving pieces.


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