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What Does the Land Clearing Process in Montana Involve? March 12, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
What Does the Land Clearing Process in Montana Involve?, Kalispell, Montana

The Flathead Valley area of Montana is a prime location for anyone seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the region is a sought-after destination for vacation homes. If you own or are considering purchasing a lot in Montana, the first step to having your home built is land clearing. Here’s a quick overview of what the process entails.

A Brief Guide to Land Clearing for Your Montana Vacation Home

Preliminary Planning

To ensure your land is cleared effectively, work with a reputable excavating company. Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on reviews, referrals, and online galleries, you’ll need to confer with the chosen land clearing team to determine the scope of the project. Discuss which areas of your property will need to be cleared — keep in mind that you’ll need to go beyond the house itself and leave space for a walkway, driveway, and other property features as needed.

Clearing the Land

land clearingAfter the goals and details of the project have been laid out, the excavating team will begin by removing major obstructions from the site. This may include trees, roots, foliage, and rocks. In many cases, felled trees can be repurposed as lumber. Typically, this part of the project is completed with a bulldozer or backhoe.

Your property may also require grading, in which a level of slope base is made to support your home’s foundation. It is also sometimes required for driveways, and to facilitate proper drainage. A tractor or grader may be used to complete this step of the project. Once these steps are complete, your property will be ready for a contractor to lay the foundation of your house.


If you’re ready to break ground on your Kalispell, MT, area home and need an experienced land clearing team to execute the first steps, allow Valley Excavating to help. This trusted team has provided quality excavating services to local residents for more than 20 years, and are committed to completing projects on time and within budget. They can even build a road to your new vacation home to make coming and going simple and direct. See their full list of services on their website or call (406) 857-2086 to discuss your needs with one of their team members.

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